A LETTER FROM OUR DIRECTOR: Senators need to hear from us now!

February 28, 2018

Dear Educator,

I’ll make this short and sweet. Your school district needs your help. Today.

House Bill 957 is on the Senate calendar and is expected to be voted on TOMORROW, Thursday, March 1. When fully implemented this measure will result in less funding for every school district in Mississippi — less than what they could expect from a fully funded MAEP.

We know you’ve heard differently, but the facts cannot be disputed. We know you’ve been handed charts, and you’ve seen numbers until your eyes glazed over. Click HERE to see a true comparison for HB957 versus fully funded MAEP.

We also know that if we do nothing, then a generation of school children could be forced to try to achieve their highest potential in understaffed, poorly supplied schools with even fewer certified teachers than are available in classrooms now. Our schools will be asked to perform at higher levels with even fewer resources than we have now.

And then, there’s the $19 million loss to special education.

In short, our students’ futures are counting on the death of HB957. And so is the future of Mississippi.

Please make a call or two today. Ask your Senator(s) to vote “NO” on HB957 when it comes up for a vote TOMORROW.

Click HERE for the Senator who represents your school district.

Thank you for your continued work on behalf of Mississippi’s students.

TYRONE HENDRIX, MAE Executive Director