Education Support Professionals (ESPs)

Education support professionals (ESPs) are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the public education system.

Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, nurses, custodians and security guards keep everything running smoothly in our schools, and ESPs are valued members in the Mississippi Association of Educators.

Currently, there are more than 3 million education support staff in the nation’s school systems.

Issues of Importance for Education Support Professionals

To attract a skilled, dedicated and experienced Education Support Professionals workforce, and to be a full partner in a strong Association, ESPs need:


ESPs need to have our importance acknowledged by school districts, administrators, teachers, parents, and our Association.


ESP want to be treated as full partners in the education team at the school level and within the local, state and national Association.

Job Security

ESP need protection from layoffs and privatization.

Pay and Benefits

ESP need pay commensurate with the skills and responsibilities of our positions—no less than a living wage.

Training and Professional Development

ESP need opportunities and meaningful education that provides both for career path development (e.g. paras becoming teachers) and for continual improvement within our current jobs.We want training to bring our skills up to date with 21st century changes.

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