Legislative Update | HB 770

HB 770, the Trauma-Informed Schools Act, passed out of the House yesterday with overwhelming bipartisan support!

This bill prioritizes student mental health and seeks to equip educators and districts with the tools they need to identify ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) as they manage students impacted by trauma in the classroom and beyond.

Similar to other child and family-serving organizations, being trauma-informed in schools means being informed about and sensitive to trauma, and providing a safe, stable, and understanding environment for students and staff.

Special thanks to the bill’s sponsors: Rep. Billy Adam Calvert, Rep. Sam Creekmore, Rep. Troy Smith, Rep. Jon Lancaster, Rep. Rob Roberson, Rep. Bryant Clark, Rep. Orlando Paden, Rep. Carl Mickens, Rep. Daryl Porter, Rep. Angela Cockerham, and Rep. Bo Brown. We’re also grateful for the leadership of House Education Committee chairman Rep. Richard Bennett and vice chairman Rep. Kent McCarty.

Learn more about trauma-informed schools here.