MAE Government Relations | On Election Eve


ONE DAY Until Election Day!

As educators, you work in schools and on campuses across the state connecting with students to discover their passions and unlock their potential, and believing that no matter their circumstance, children deserve the opportunity to maximize their fullest potential in top notch public schools.

During this election cycle, educators in communities all over the country have voiced their concerns and doubled-down on their engagement and activism by canvassing neighborhoods, making phone calls, and finding other ways to support pro-education candidates.

Last week in Hattiesburg, MAE held an Education Town Hall in support of our endorsed candidates: Jeramey Anderson, David Baria, and Mike Espy. This successful event was well received and is an example of the work we do to ensure that all Mississippi’s children and educators obtain better learning and working environments.

During this election cycle approximately 1,800 current and former educators are campaigning for their state legislature or federal seats, with estimates that thousands more are running for other state and local offices.  Many politicians lost their bids to remain in office earlier this year because of their lack of support for education.

This was the case in Oklahoma, where most of the politicians who opposed providing public schools with additional resources and raising educator pay lost in their primaries. In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is in a tough race against the state’s Superintendent of Education, Tony Evers, who has the support of parents and educators angered by Walker’s massive funding reductions for public schools.

It’s even happening here in Mississippi. Last year, MAE endorsed seven pro-public education candidates in their bids for the state legislature. Seven candidates endorsed, seven candidates elected.

We also want you to be encouraged by your colleagues running for office across the country. We want to plant the seeds for some of you to consider moving forward. We need to be the change we want to see in this state, and across the country. Join us as we encourage everyone to get out the vote, and support MAE’s endorsed candidates.

Finally, we encourage you and your fellow public education supporters to add the “I Vote 4 Ed” badge to their Facebook profile and use the hashtag #IVote4Ed on Election Day: Tuesday, November 6.


Let’s keep pushing to the end!  We will need every vote. Go! Fight! Win!