NEA Foundation wants to hear your story

We want to hear from you!

The NEA Foundation knows that when educators unleash their own power, ideas, and voices, communities, schools, and students all benefit.

We are seeking new voices to present stories about keeping the promise of public education—promises kept or promises still unfulfilled—in creative and inspiring ways. Our goal is to have a wide selection of voices present short form sessions, 3-15 minutes, that creatively tell the story of public education through a variety of lenses and approaches.

If you are selected, you will be invited to Washington, DC on October 5, 2018 to share your story at the NEA Foundation’s idea festival, Keeping the Promise of Public Education Symposium. You will join a broad cross-section of public education’s most passionate thinkers and actors, along with 250 educators, students, philanthropic partners and activists, and other advocates and supporters of public education convened to contemplate how we keep this critical pact with our future.

To inspire us all, we are bringing celebrated author and TED Talk star Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, to give our keynote.

Ideas are kindled. Minds are opened. Confidence is nurtured. Community is cultivated. Students are at the center. Educators are empowered. This is the promise of public education…a promise made to today’s students—and tomorrow’s. When the promise of public education is kept, then we collectively, as a nation, realize the full potential and promise of our American democracy.


To be considered, please submit your proposal by June 29, 2018. Find out more about how to submit your proposal and what to include, here.

Selected speakers will be contacted no later than July 13, 2018, and we request confirmation of acceptance no later than July 23, 2018. The NEA Foundation can offer a speaker fee of $1,000, plus travel expenses up to $500 and hotel (2 nights).

Not your thing? Please forward this to someone with an interesting perspective to share.