MAE is ready to help increase your confidence and effectiveness in the classroom! Check out our workshop opportunities below.

For additional information or for scheduling one of these great learning opportunities for your faculty, your colleagues, or to register individually for a workshop already scheduled, contact MAE at 601-354-4463.

CEU credits available. A teacher-affordable fee is assessed for trainers and materials.

“I Can Do It” Workshop

Here is a great opportunity to learn best practices for classroom management and discipline techniques to optimize your time with your students. An orderly, respectful learning environment benefits everyone.
6 Hours – Can be divided into two 3-hour segments.

C.A.R.E. Workshop

We want to help you raise your students’ achievement levels and close those achievement gaps. This workshop provides insights and practical steps you can take to help your students increase and maintain their achievement levels.

12 Hours – Can be divided into three 4-hour long segments

PRAXIS Workshop

We are honored to help aspiring, dedicated teachers gain their certifications. This workshop provides help with Praxis I preparation; Reading, Writing and Math assessments.

18 Hours

PALS: “Personal Assessment of Leadership Skills” Workshop

Zap teacher “burn-out” by focusing on time management, stress awareness, and reduction while you re-energize your love for the classroom.

12 Hours – Can be divided into three 4-hour long segments.

RTI: Response to Intervention Workshop

Take this training and gain better understanding of universal screeners for students, academic interventions, and the Three Tiers of RTI.

3 Hours

School Improvement Survey


We all want to make sure our schools are the best they can be! Learn how to make the best use of this highly valid and reliable school self-assessment instrument measuring 42 indicators of school quality. The measurements are clustered around six essential “Keys,” focusing on student achievement and community support. The online survey provides fast data to schools.

There is a nominal fee for training and implementation of the survey.

Informational Sessions / Workshops

MAE provides a wide array of informational sessions and workshops that can be tailored to your school’s needs. Give us a call to see how we can help!

(CEU Credit is not awarded for these sessions, and they are offered free of charge!)

Educator and the Law

We at MAE know you always want to do the right thing in your classroom. That’s why we offer this informational session regarding educators’ legal responsibilities and students’ legal rights. You will learn concepts, actions, and statements that will enable you to avoid violating laws, policies, and procedures, while also guarding against liabilities in your classroom and school.

Approximately 90 minutes

Crisis Management

While we wish they didn’t, we all know that crises in school settings do happen. This workshop will help you learn effective strategies to use in responding to crisis situations. You will focus on crisis prevention strategies involving effective communication, guidance, and leadership. As part of this training, we will focus on support for the healing and rebuilding process following any crisis. Those who receive this training can become a school’s most valuable and effective resources, should a crisis occur.

Approximately 2 hours

MEGASKILLS Parent Support Workshop

Involved parents make involved students. With this workshop, you’ll discover tips to assist parents in making education a priority in the home. MEGASKILLS workshop helps you and parents by providing strategies that will improve academic and behavioral performance.

Approximately 2 hours

Time Management

Time is one of your most valuable assets in the classroom. During this session, you will be equipped with skills to avoid losing this valuable asset. Topics include time management and efficiencies in classroom preparation. The workshop goal is to help educators become more productive during classroom time, while still experiencing personal enrichment opportunities for burnout prevention.

Approximately 2 hours

Indoor Air Quality

Let’s face it — you and your students spend most of your time together inside a classroom. Air quality within those four walls is an important factor in student performance and your ability to be at your best. Employees will learn ways to improve air quality in schools, and learn ways that mold and moisture control will enhance student performance. Attendees will receive “tools for action” school kits.

Approximately 3 hours