February 15, 2019

Teacher Pay Raise Update | February 11-15, 2019

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Earlier this week, the Senate passed their teacher pay raise bill: SB 2770.

Simply put, the pay raise in this bill is pitiful. $1000 is pitiful. $500 each year is pitiful. $9.62 per week is pitiful. $1.37 per day is pitiful.

We deserve a pay raise that is reflective of our value to this state, and instead legislators have passed along yet another symbolic gesture.

Beyond being disrespectful, this bill’s passage shows that legislators are not taking seriously the dire situation facing Mississippi education and Mississippi educators. We’ve said it time and time again: This is a crisis, and we need legislators to act accordingly.

On Valentine’s Day a group of educators representing schools from across the state came to Jackson to deliver a message: Teachers deserve more. We sat in the galleries of the House and Senate to remind legislators that we are watching, and we don’t plan on standing down until a bill is signed that ensures a significant teacher pay raise.

SB 2770 will now go to the House where we will be pushing members to work with us to provide teachers with a significant pay raise. Call your legislators, and ask that they support a pay raise that helps us reach the Southeastern average. Tell them we can’t wait anymore. Tell them to help us combat the teacher shortage crisis. Tell them Mississippi’s teachers need them now more than ever.

Use your teacher voice. Share your story. Take action.