Welcome Back! | January 7-11, 2019

A note from President Joyce Helmick

Welcome back! Congratulations on making it through the fall semester and your first week back in the classroom. I hope you this week has been a success, and that you took some time for yourself and your family over the holidays and enjoyed a relaxing winter break. You more than deserve it!

As we head into 2019, we want to share some of the exciting things going on here at MAE.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE | Earlier this week at the Capitol, we kicked off the 2019 legislative session with our second annual legislative breakfast. This event gives educators and our staff the chance to speak with legislators about our goals for public education in Mississippi and our legislative priorities for the session. Keep an eye out for legislative updates as the session continues, and be ready to answer the call when we need you to use your teacher voice as we work to support and protect our students, our schools, and ourselves.

RED FOR ED | Our next #RedForEd of the year is Wednesday, February 6. We’ll be wearing red at the Capitol and hope you’ll join us! We wear #RedForEd the first Wednesday of every month. Remind your colleagues and send us your photos! We’ll share them on Instagram and on our Facebook page.

MISSISSIPPI EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARDS | We are also gearing up for the Mississippi Excellence in Education Awards. Many thanks to those of you who nominated your deserving colleagues. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in Jackson on March 1, 2019! Tickets are now available and can be purchased here.

MAE RA | In addition to the gala, that weekend will also include the Mississippi Association of Educators’ Annual Representative Assembly (RA). RA will be held on Saturday, March 2. This year we are having a “round up of delegates” that will begin immediately. Over the past few years, only a few locals have met their commitment to have delegates at the assembly. Because of the importance of the RA, I am going to begin contacting local presidents asking them to conduct new elections for the Representative Assembly Delegate. Each local’s delegate count is based on membership numbers. The presidents of each local will receive information that will tell them how many delegates the local can send.

We encourage any interested member to attend RA, and want to remind you that only delegates will have voting privileges. Because so many locals have not had elections to choose new delegates in several years, it will be my goal to contact each president to ensure that locals have representatives at the RA.

If you are interested in being a representative to MAE’s RA, please contact your local president. Should you encounter any issues doing so, please contact me or call the MAE office.

ELECTIONS | After several years of struggling with election ballots during the MAE Elections process, the MAE Board Executive Committee recently made the decision to send out the ballots to each local by February 15.

Local presidents, together with their leadership, will make the decision on when ballots will be distributed to their membership. They will then decide how to disperse the ballots to building representatives. Building Reps will then have their allotted time to have each member vote. Building reps will be given instructions following the directions of the Elections Policy which will be included with the ballots.

All ballots are due back into the MAE office no later Friday, April 5, at 5:00pm.

As always, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our profession. You’re such an asset to our state, and we look forward to reminding our state leaders of that this session. Have a wonderful weekend and an even better semester!


President Helmick pictured alongside MAE staff at the 2019 MAE Legislative Breakfast