What We Do

We exist to support, protect, and strengthen those who nurture Mississippi’s children.

In the Workplace

We consistently strive to increase benefits and make salaries more competitive for education professionals. We work with our friends in elected and appointed positions to ensure that members have the resources needed to provide a high quality education to our children. Click here to read about some of MAE’s accomplishments.

Career and Professional Development

We sponsor training sessions, meetings and workshops that help educators to stay abreast of teaching trends and support professional camaraderie, including MAE’s PRAXIS preparation training and assistance programs, classroom management workshops, and regional professional development conferences. In addition, NEA’s programs include KEYS, NEA Learning Labs, and the Mentoring Initiative.

Advocacy and Protection

MAE pursues an active role when the Mississippi legislature is in session, fighting for the best possible conditions for Mississippi students and members. You benefit from our legislative influence and constant, professional involvement on state and local levels, as well as advocacy.

We also provide expert legal representation and a $1 million personal liability policy that protects members against the unlikely and unfortunate possibilities of lawsuits.

The cornerstone of the MAE’s member representation system is the UniServ (Unified Services) program — a statewide staffing network that provides professional consultants to serve members in each of our geographic locations. UniServ Directors offer on-site services including grievance representation, school and teacher advocacy, political action and communications assistance. UniServ Directors represent members at school district meetings and before boards of education. They also provide valuable guidance on professional development issues.


The right to vote, and to persuade others to vote in accordance with common principles and values, is a fundamental tenet of American democracy. The MAE/NEA Government Relations program helps the Association, local affiliates and individual members become active in the political arena.

By recruiting pro-public education candidates, recommending and helping pro-public education candidates to win elections and lobbying public officials, we influence the decisions made by elected and appointed officials and help our students realize a better tomorrow. By becoming politically active, we help shape our own future. Our salaries and health insurance benefits, retirement, working conditions and our students’ learning conditions are determined by people who are either elected or appointed to public office.