The Mississippi Education Association and the Mississippi Teachers Association–long before the merger–had achieved hundreds of accomplishments for public education and the profession of teaching in Mississippi. Included in these victories are:

  • Accredited schools throughout Mississippi upon request of the University of Mississippi in 1918
  • Established the association’s retirement plan for teachers (the state initially would not allow teachers to participate in the state retirement system)
  • Developed the first salary schedule for teacher
  • Established the first salary increment plan and worked to improve it over time
  • Established a due process procedure for non-renewal of certified employees, early 1970s
  • Developed plans to provide group health insurance and group life insurance for school employees
  • An advocate for the establishment of Mississippi Educational Television (ETV)
  • Provided conventions that were the primary source of professional development for teachers

Since the Merger of 1976, the MAE has achieved many benefits for its members and the profession, including:

  • Frequently increased the amount of salary
  • Established a required local salary supplement
  • Increased the amount of salary increments
  • Required sick leave days for teachers
  • Required sick leave days for education support professionals/classified employees(ESPs)
  • Unlimited sick leave accumulation for teachers
  • Unlimited sick leave accumulation for ESPs
  • Established two days of personal leave for teachers to attend association sponsored and other professional development workshops, conferences or for personal business
  • Established required professional leave days for teachers who are appointed to State boards and commissions, such as Mississippi State Board of Education, MS ETV, etc.
  • Established classroom supply funding laws
  • Established group health insurance for all school employees
  • Developed legislation creating a task force to solve the teacher shortage